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Hello! I’m Lucy. I am a 20 something, ahem…. ok, ok, I’m a 30 something Lifestyle Blogger, Parenting Blogger & Weddings Blogger. I also run Content Mother, and Real Blogging.

I am a mum of 1 widly energetic 5 year old boy, and a super-sweet 1 year old girl. My children and my husband are my absolute world, and I also do this thing called writing which I am pretty keen on too.

Work with me

I love to work with brands in the form of sponsored posts and product reviews – I have been doing this for over 7 years now. I have a strong marketing background, so I also run blogger outreach campaigns and judge contests on behalf of brands.

Say hi to me via email or via any of the social networks below. I’m pretty much plugged in 24/7. Rates are negotiable, just reach out and we can chat about your requirements.

I’m PR friendly

I don’t really get why I have to say this, because it’s my belief that if someone reaches out to me for anything, work related or otherwise, you should be friendly! So…. yes, I am PR friendly.

A few stats on my blogs:

Real Parent: DA 23

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Real Wedding: DA 45

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Real Life: DA 25

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I am also a regular contributor to the following sites:

Your Tango, Huffington Post, Life Hack, Digital Romance Inc, Elite Daily, Real Wedding, Hackerspace, The Good Men Project, She Knows, Self Growth, Global Dating Insights, We Love Dates, Mums That Work, Older Dating, Buzzfeed, Daily Bits Of, Real Parent, Dumb Little Man, Medium, an Adult Dating site, Zoosk, Kinja, The Urban Dater, Tumblr, All Women Stalk, Selfish Mother.