Wedding Stationery 101

Between bills, bank statements, flyers and mail for the previous tenants, there are very few items of correspondence that genuinely make you excited about the postman coming to your door. But every now and then, the whiff of special occasion breezes through your letterbox and the premium quality envelope with your address in beautiful calligraphy can only mean one thing – it’s time for a wedding.

Choosing a Save-the-Date is the best way to kick off on the yellow brick road leading to the Wizard of Matrimony because it can be just as pretty as an Invitation, but since it’s not the actual invitation, there’s a lot less pressure in picking out an awesome design, so check out some of the super cool options at Aura Print!

While it’s super important to get a wedding invitation just right – after all, it needs to capture the theme of the wedding, maybe incorporate the season and location decor, not to mention communicate the couples’ personalities and style, and will eventually be framed as an important memento – Save-the-Date Printing is something you can have a bit more fun and flexibility with.  

With all the aforementioned elements to consider, you can agonise over your Invitation as much as you like to get it perfect, but with a Save-the-Date, the key here is to get the crucial info down and send it out to prospective guests as soon as possible. After all, weddings are a tricky business for both the couple and the guests and people need to be given plenty of warning so they can sort out tickets, accommodation, transportation, childcare, pets, what to wear and making peace with the people attending they were hoping to avoid for the rest of their lives. So you don’t want to drag out the process, especially since the initial wave of responses will give you a clearer picture of how many guests will realistically be able to attend and thus, dictate how much money to invest in the number of Invitations. 

Aura Print has the perfect selection of pretty designs that vary from modern and elegant, to rustic chic, to classic floral and vintage fun! All their stationery comes available in a variety of premium paper types and formats. The final product looks and feels fantastic, with a beautiful finish and impressive turnaround time. Often they can look quite samey, so why not use this opportunity to send a Save-the-Date that’s a bit more original. One of the absolute favourites is customising your own Save-the-Date tag. Just like a gift tag, but with whatever style you select from Aura’s range, all the important information is there for your friends and family to have at their fingertips, and it’s perfect for hanging on the fridge, pinning to a noticeboard or even sticking it in your wallet! 

Check out their online selection today and you’ll be sending your Save-the-Dates in just a few clicks – the only drawback is that you might not be able to resist the urge to go for a matching set. Be sure to check out their wedding stationery packages, as well as other pretty ad-ons like place cards, gift tags, signage and thank you cards!