Party Planning

5 Ways To Simplify Your Party Planning

Hercules was famed in mythology for completing 12 impossible feats in 12 years but that’s nothing that a modern bride has to finalise within a lot less time!

A bride is rightly seen as the fulcrum of the wedding, everything is meant to revolve around her and her vision for the perfect day. Naturally it can be overwhelming when everything has to come back to her for a decision or guidance so finding ways to simplify her wedding party planning should be near the top of her list.

We offer some tested wisdom and advice from people who have not only survived their own wedding day but enjoyed and remembered them too.

Professionals Hire Professionals 

Party Planning

Every budget is different and every bride has to make some compromises and allowances for her wedding. Less of A means more of B. Unless you are a wedding planner by profession, and if you are this article may not be for you, then you may not cover all the required areas and details big and small that come together to make a wonderful wedding.

If possible, a professional wedding or party planner will be able to take a huge load of your shoulders with the organising, arranging and logistics of pulling together a stunning and successful modern wedding.

Some brides’ demur out of fear of giving up control but a good wedding planner constantly reassures you that you are the person making the decisions and controlling every aspect. They are just your hand and dealing with the details so you don’t have to. They will bring every major decision to you and will handle the little things to free up your time and physical, emotional and mental reserves.

Never Too Early 

Planning a wedding should start the moment a venue is booked. Once this date is confirmed then you have a physical milestone to work towards and the planning should accompany it.  The more items and details that can be handled and arranged in advance, the less there will be to worry about in the lead up to the big day and more room to change, amend or upgrade elements rather than trying to get them done primarily.

Alive Online

Even the most modern wedding has traditional elements and touchstones that anchor it to our shared heritage as a society. Any wedding planner will tell you that one of the key advances made in the industry is online commerce.

Whether you are booking a luxury venue, a professional videographer or photographer, arranging the cake and catering or any other aspect of the event, having the agility to deal with multiple providers and suppliers, often across national borders, is a positive boon.

Suppliers will also be happy to bring their own expertise and knowledge to your cause if you ask them. Staff at the stunning Château Bouffémont just north of Paris are experts in arranging weddings for guests from all over Europe and the world and will happily negotiate with local suppliers and incorporate elements of local customs and produce to make the event extra special that you would not know about unless you were a native of the area.

Friends Indeed

It can be strange to think that a person’s special skills in real life are not applicable to a friend’s wedding or even their own but it happens quite frequently.  Friends will be delighted to offer their own skills and abilities if they can help make a wedding special. They can decorate tables and invitations, they can produce great calligraphy for table settings, they can help with dress alterations and a hundred more touches – if only we would think and remember to ask!

The Buck Stops

Even the most smooth weddings bring pressure before the day. A bride may feel overwhelmed at various stage of the planning of the event but she can stop adding to it by remembering who has the power and agency. She does.

The ultimate say has to be with the bride and groom for their big day – a planner and friends will offer their best advice and suggestions but that’s all they are. They can be accepted and rejected and must be if a bride is to truly have the wedding day and party of her dreams.