A Parent's Guide To Planning The Perfect Wedding

A Parent’s Guide To Planning The Perfect Wedding

Not so long ago, so much as kissing out of wedlock was controversial. Now though, marriage doesn’t have to proceed with relationships. Children born out of wedlock may have been shocking in the Victorian days. But, that’s not the case now. The majority of couples live together before marriage, and many don’t even intend to tie the knot.

But, some couples do intend to get married, and never quite make it down the aisle before little ones come along. Throw a pandemic into the mix and although we realise that changing a wedding date can be incredibly stressful, change the date cards are your best friend in this kind of situ!

Not a massive issue, but getting married does get that bit harder with kids around. For the most part, that’s because your partner is no longer your priority. The children come first, and so they should.

Only, if you aren’t careful, you still won’t be married ten, twenty years down the line. It’s important to keep the priority in your mind, so you don’t have any regrets.

To ensure you go through with it, we’re going to look at a few ways to keep a wedding stress-free when you have young children.

A Parent's Guide To Planning The Perfect Wedding

Focus on each other

Before anything, take the time to reconnect. All relationships change when children come along. But this is your chance to reignite your love. Get a babysitter and spend some alone time together. Use the intimacy of those nights to get yourselves down the aisle.

And, on the day, make sure the focus is on you and your partner. Most parents hate to take their eye off the ball, but it’s essential you do. Otherwise, you’ll fail to appreciate the day. That’s no way to start a marriage. Make sure this is a romantic affair, where you and your partner once again become each other’s priority. Parenting can start again after the honeymoon.

Keep costs down

When we have families to consider, money is paramount to everything we do. You may be hesitant to go ahead with your big day because of cost worries. But, it’s completely possible to keep expenses to a minimum. And, that doesn’t even mean you have to go without. It’s entirely feasible to organise a wedding for £5,000 or less. All you need to do is shop around, and get deals wherever possible. Start saving money from the off with something like these cheap wedding invitations by Pure Invitation. These are an ideal example of how cheap doesn’t have to mean cutting corners. Save money on every element of your planning to ensure you aren’t left out of pocket.

A Parent's Guide To Planning The Perfect Wedding

Hire a babysitter

Another awkward issue is how large a part your child will play in your big day. You’ll want them there, of course, but young children will need supervision. Obviously, you’ll be too busy to watch them. And, it’s not fair to ask family members to miss the big moments because of wandering children.

As such, it’s worth looking out for a babysitter who can attend the day and keep them under control. You might even want to look into wedding sitter services, which can help your guests out as well.

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