How To Save Thousands On Your Wedding

20 Tips That Will Save You Thousands On Your Wedding

We all know that sometimes the cost of a wedding can spiral out of control, so here are twenty tips on how you can save money on your wedding.

1. Book early

It almost goes without saying, that the earlier you can book everything, the cheaper they will be. Paying an early-booking deposit could bring your costs down dramatically for the reception hall and the caterers.

20 Tips That Will Save You Thousands On Your Wedding

2. Don’t get married on a Saturday

It is the busiest day of the week for weddings and therefore the most expensive. Bank holidays, long weekends or even the school holidays will be a lot cheaper.

20 Tips That Will Save You Thousands On Your Wedding

3. Sweet centrepieces

Table decorations can quickly mount up. Sometimes the simple approach is often the most dramatic. Buy bulk bags of sweets and display them in vases or glass bowls in the middle of the table. is great source of inspiration – visit website.

4. Accept offers of help

Everyone will say, ‘If there’s anything we can do, just ask’. Well, you are going to ask. If you can get your friends to do one small thing each, you can save thousands without any effort.

5. Get married in the off-season

Just like Saturdays, there is a peak season for weddings. Plan for your wedding outside of this window. A winter wedding can create a brilliantly different atmosphere.

6. Don’t have a sit-down meal

The sit-down meal bill includes the plates, bowls, cutlery, servers, chefs and maybe even the chairs and tables. A buffet or hog roast is a great alternative.

20 Tips That Will Save You Thousands On Your Wedding

7. Limit your alcohol options

A red or a white is fine, don’t feel that you have to offer a wine for every course or even a sweet wine.

8. Have your ceremony and reception in the same building

A multi-use building will not only cut costs with the venue but will remove the need to hire a car to drive you between the two.

9. Don’t have a wedding cake

The traditional wedding cake tower creates a big dent in any budget, but does it need to. We’ve seen cakes being replaced by cookie and profiterole towers.

20 Tips That Will Save You Thousands On Your Wedding

10. Bake your own wedding cake

There is nothing difficult about cooking a cake, so why could you not cook and decorate your own wedding cake. It will let you create a truly personal element to the wedding.

20 Tips That Will Save You Thousands On Your Wedding

11. Have fish rather than chicken

Fish is not only quicker to cook, but is cheaper to buy than chicken or red meat. Very few guests will even notice the departure from the traditional meal and many will welcome the healthier alternative.

12. Buy a white evening dress, not a wedding dress

The addition of the word wedding to a dress, appears to add an extra zero to the end of the price. Find a nice formal or evening dress in the right shade of white and remove that zero once more.

13. Plan what you need

The list of things to buy for your wedding can get really long. The important thing to remember is to stick to this list and not make random, additional, expensive purchases.

20 Tips That Will Save You Thousands On Your Wedding

14. Don’t overdo the flowers

If your venue already looks special, why would you need to spend any more money on flowers? A couple of touches around the focus areas will create just as beautiful effect.

15. Do your own flowers

There is nothing to stop you from buying bunches of flowers for a cheaper rate online and then creating your own displays. You will immediately half the price of your flowers.

16. Borrow and steal from friends

If any friends have been married recently, they will have spares of everything. Take anything and everything you are offered.

20 Tips That Will Save You Thousands On Your Wedding

17. Have a friend DJ

We’ve all got talented mates or maybe just a great Spotify playlist. You won’t notice the difference on the night, but your budget will appreciate the help.

18. Shop in the sales

Planning your wedding early allows you to shop in the cheapest sales of the year. You’ll have the same items, but be paying a lot less.

19. Email save the date cards

A simple and elegant solution also allows for an instant reply and you will know for sure that they got the cards.

20 Tips That Will Save You Thousands On Your Wedding

20. Sell everything after the wedding

Once you have enjoyed your special day, you will have no need for a lot of the things you brought. Selling these on will allow you to recoup some of your initial expense.

Even if you only use a few of these suggestions, you will be able to make a visible impact on your budget. Your wedding is a special day and not one that was meant to land you in debt. For further reading, here’s a great post about how to save for your wedding day.

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How To Save Money On Your Wedding_ 20 Tips That Will Save You Thousands