Practical top tips for your big day!

Congratulations! Your day is finally coming! Dum-Dum-dum-dum and all that. Planning a wedding can be just as much fun as it is stressful, but surely one of the highlights is picking out the dress. For the happiest day of your life, you’ll want to look your best – so this is probably the dress that’s going to get the biggest care and attention, so make it count! How you plan your day is entirely up to you – every bride is unique – but we do have a few useful pointers so you make the process a bit more streamlined.

Don’t buy a dress that you’ll lose weight for!

So many brides do this and it’s just a terrible idea for all sorts of reasons. First and foremost, your partner didn’t choose you because of your weight, you’re already beautiful in their eyes, so why try to look different just for the sake of one day? Also, you’re going to be miserable. Diets suck – that’s just a fact. And if you consider how much energy and stress you’re going to have planning the wedding, do you really want to be hangry while doing all that?

Next, it’s risky and unreliable. A wedding dress will require multiple fittings to make sure it’s just right, so if you manage to lose weight after the last fitting, that’s an additional step to fix the dress. Conversely, if you don’t manage to lose weight, do you really want to be in a position where it doesn’t zip up a week before the big day? Worse still, if you haven’t been sticking to your planned diet and exercise plan, you might panic in the run-up and resort to drastic diets in the final few weeks. This isn’t healthy and by no means a guarantee, you’ll just stress out and feel unwell. Not to mention the additional costs of needing to refit a dress every time your weight yoyos!

Consider your bridesmaid dresses carefully, don’t be the bride that goes out of the way to make their closest gal pals look ridiculous. Whether you choose your prom dress favourite for the bridesmaids or whether you let them choose their own gowns, make sure everyone is happy with what has been picked out.

Understand your figure

Don’t listen to all the nonsense in the media that the smaller you are, the hotter you are. This is bull-kaka. Looking fabulous has nothing to do with your weight and everything to do with how to dress for your body shape. So instead of dieting, spend some time considering what elements look most flattering on you, and pick a dress that’s the best combo of those aspects. Whether you’re athletic, hourglass, apple, pear or any other fruit for that matter, there are certain necklines, waistlines, lengths, fabrics and prints that will work best for your body type. 

Classy Accessorising

If you’re upset that you couldn’t get quite the dream prom dress you were hoping for to accommodate for your body type then have no fear. The job’s not done when the dress zips up. Accessorising is another important step and one that’s a lot more fun – after all, you don’t need to be a certain size for a veil or beautiful jewellery. It’s important that the additional touches you go for complement your dress choice and enhance, not over-power, your look. Keep things elegant and don’t choose things just because they look gorgeous.

A headband in and of itself might look pretty, but it might not work with your hairstyle or dress. A statement necklace could be a thing of beauty, but do you want people staring just at that instead of the rest of your dress? The key to looking chic – less is more.

Capturing the Magic!

Having put in all that time and effort into looking fabulous, you’ll want plenty of evidence! Even with a fancy photographer, some of the best pictures of any wedding are the organic ones that your guests snap with their phones. Plus, despite your best efforts, there likely won’t be enough time to put in the proper facetime with absolutely everybody – so you’ll want to have copies of everyone’s photos from the day, to complete your personal album. However, with dozens (if not hundreds, depending on how ambitious you are!) of guests in attendance, wedding photo sharing can become a pretty complicated affair!

Cut down on the legwork and ask all your guests to download an app in your wedding invitation. That way, after you’ve slept off your hangover and en route to your honeymoon, you can browse through everyone’s best pics and select your favourites to print or put on social media. Selecting a nice photo with your friends is also a great image to use when sending out thank you notes – share a special memory and make your thank you that much more personal.