Disabled friendly dating ideas

Dating can be a nerve-wracking experience for everybody, but it can also come with its own set of challenges for disabled people. But just because you have different needs doesn’t mean that your options should be limited. Check out some of these great romantic dating ideas that can be enjoyed by one and all.

For wheelchair users, quite a few activities might not be ideal, since many facilities still haven’t been updated to be wheelchair accessible. Having said that, there are still plenty of choices where fun can be had and sparks can fly. 

A nice day out in a park – however simple this may seem, enjoying the outdoors with someone is not only a great way to get to know each other, but guarantees beautiful scenery. You could take it up a level and arrange an elegant picnic as well. Unsure what to plan? Many disabled dating sites have amazing suggestions for fun activities.

A visit to an art gallery is not only a sophisticated date idea, but most galleries are flat, even, ground floor, spacious venues, making them ideal for wheelchairs, electric chairs or if you need a chaperone or carer with you. Museums and botanical gardens are also almost all disabled friendly, plus allow you to have an inspirational and interesting date, with a guaranteed conversation starter and gorgeous surroundings. 

Dinner and a movie may be a cliché, but for a reason. It’s fun, simple – everyone knows what to expect. Sadly, many cinemas don’t exactly have a lot of room for wheelchairs and the total darkness can be a problem if you need special equipment. But, weather permitting, outdoor cinemas to the rescue. Not only can you enjoy a classic film in fresh air, but you’ll have plenty of room to manoeuvre and the experience has a lovely nostalgic feel to it. Also, many cinemas offer extra roomy seating in the form of sofas, huge armchairs and loveseats – so you can be comfortable and get cozy with your date.

Just because a person is disabled doesn’t mean they wouldn’t enjoy doing something energetic and exciting on a date. You can hit up an arcade and enjoy table tennis, air hockey or foosball – show off your competitive side and that you don’t shy away from physical challenges. Bowling is another great choice, as most alleys come with plenty of specialised equipment to suit all sorts of needs. You could take it to the next level and visit an activity centre designed for people with disabilities – you could do dancing, tai chi, or even winter sports! It would make for one memorable date and show that there really are no limits to how you can spend time together.

The media can sadly be unkind or dismissive of people with disabilities, especially when it comes to fashion and high-end events. Unless it’s a charity fundraiser, how often do you see chic functions tailored for different abled guests? Well, we believe everyone can enjoy an elegant evening, no matter their particular requirements. A fun night at a casino is the perfect venue for just such an occasion. Channel your inner Bond or Femme Fatale, dress in your best and enjoy an evening of delicious cocktails, eccentric patrons and sultry gazes from behind your cards…