3 Date ideas in beautiful Cumbria

As things officially re-open, life is starting to go back to normal, bit by bit and it would be very easy to get over-excited and barrel ahead to celebrate our newfound freedom. This is especially true of dating – as if love wasn’t tricky enough, but trying to find it in the midst of lockdowns, while socially distancing and donning masks is a hurdle not even Shakespeare could have thought up for us players.

But it is important to remember that the pandemic continues to affect the whole world and we should still make efforts to be careful. So how can you enjoy dating and find that special someone, while still keeping safe?

A Walk

Yes, many might roll their eyes at such a simple suggestion, but if what you’re after is some quality time with your partner or getting to know someone new, this is the perfect way to do it. No noise, no risk of salad in your teeth or worrying about the bill – plus, Cumbria boasts some of the most stunning scenery in the UK, so taking a stroll around Buttermere or grabbing an ice cream in Hawkshead will not only guarantee a lovely day out, but keep you away from crowds and get those butterflies fluttering on your Cumbria dating experience.

And it’s not like dating isn’t for established couples with kids – yes you might be a little older, and the hips might creak a bit, and a diaper bag isn’t the sexiest of accessories, but you can do fun stuff with the little ones, while still enjoying a dash of romance. Check out the Beatrix Potter Gallery – the children are sure to enjoy it, while you and your partner can breathe in the nostalgia of your childhood classics.

Alfresco Lunch

Food is a universal language. Even if your date winds up being a bore, your stomach will be sure to love you! Many a pub and restaurant have outdoor seating, so it’s ideal for socially distancing, with plenty of fresh air, while losing none of the intimacy. Check out the Talbot Bar or The Lingholm Kitchen for some delicious food and beautiful views.

If you have a taste for something a bit more upscale, Cumbria is replete with fine dining restaurants – and you won’t just be paying for the glorious food – the more expensive a restaurant, the less crowded will it be, so even if you choose to eat indoors, you’ll still be able to keep a safe distance… though maybe not from your gorgeous date! 

Outdoor cinema

Dinner and movie maybe a cliche date, but for a reason – watching a film is the perfect way to avoid any awkward silences, while guaranteeing a conversation topic as soon as it’s finished. If you’re not quite ready for usual cinemas, those typically being cramped and windowless, an outdoor screening is the solution, weather permitting of course. Check out Alfresco Flicks in Ulverston – you can enjoy a modern blockbuster or a golden oldie, whilst being with your sweetheart under the stars – what could be more romantic! Just maybe no fifty shades of anything on the first date…

Cumbria dating really has so many amazing choices that you don’t have to feel limited if you prefer to keep things outdoors for a little while longer. Whether it’s just grabbing a coffee and going for a stroll, the most important thing is the company you’re with and where it could lead…