Give Your Child's Birthday Party the Wow Factor

Give Your Child’s Birthday Party the Wow Factor

When you’re a child, there are few things more exciting than a birthday party- especially when it’s your own! Having an awesome party makes you the coolest kid in school, and is certainly something you remember when you grow up. If you want to treat your child and give them a birthday party they will absolutely love, here are just some of the ways you can give it the wow factor.

Give Your Child's Birthday Party the Wow Factor

Base it on a theme

Themed kids parties look super impressive, and you can tie in the decorations and food with the theme, you could even make it a fancy dress party for added fun. Go all out with decorations, they don’t need to be expensive to look fantastic. You can buy big balloons and a helium machine from places like eBay as well as other party decorations. Tie them up with string and not only do they look good but you could give each child one to take home on the way out. You could use coloured paper and other craft materials to make some decorations yourself, have a look on Pinterest which is always brimming with ideas.

You could even base some of the food on the theme. For example, if you were doing ‘under the sea’ you could have colourful blue and white cupcakes decorated with fondant creatures, and use cutters to cut out shapes with the sandwiches. There are lots of clever ways you can tie a theme together, and it’s one way to really make a party extra special.

Give Your Child's Birthday Party the Wow Factor

Think about entertainment

To keep a big group of kids entertained, you’re going to need some fun and exciting things to do. If the party is during the summer months, you could look into bouncy castle hire for kids parties as well as other inflatables, ball pits, big paddling pools and other fun foolproof options that all kids love.

Another thing to think about is some party games, classics such as pass the parcel, musical chairs and pin the tail on the donkey have been played and loved by kids for generations. You could hire an entertainer such as a magician, balloon artist or a cartoon character from a show your child is currently loving. Have a look at the kind of entertainers local to you, and read their reviews. A photobooth is another fun idea, the company will provide the kids with plenty of props and you get lots of pictures of the day.

Give Your Child's Birthday Party the Wow Factor

Prepare awesome food and drink

Finally, for any child’s birthday party you’ll need some tasty food and drink. Sandwiches, sausage rolls, for example natural hog casings, crisps, cakes and sweets always go down well. If you wanted to add a hot choice, how about ordering a large pizza from your local pizza place? Many do ‘beast’ or ‘mega’ pizzas for parties so there will be plenty for everyone even if you’re inviting a lot of kids. It’s something that just about any child will enjoy! You could hire an ice cream machine, a candy buffet, even a chocolate fountain. These are all party showstoppers and will certainly make your child’s birthday a hit!

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Give your child's birthday party the wow factor