10 House Value-Raising Ideas To Create Space On A Budget

10 Property Value-Raising Ideas To Create Space On A Budget

Your house is arguably your most valuable asset, and so it’s a no-brainer to do as much as you reasonably can to get the value up. But your house is also your home, and it needs to be a liveable environment, spacious and functional. Here are ten ways you can create space and raise the value of your home without breaking the bank.

Get Alcove Shelving

No house can ever have too much storage space, right? It’s amazing how quickly things can accumulate and need to find a home. I recently had to hire a massive skip to get rid of some absolute clutter that was weighing me down!! That’s why you need to be innovative with how you implement storage in your house. One great solution is to find an unused alcove, and turn it into a beautiful open shelving unit. Bespoke floating shelves can be made for as little as £50. I’m currently moving house, hence the reason for this post, but when I was looking for houses, I was scoping out the storage options, as it really does matter!

Install a Skylight

An extra light source brightens a room and gives a connection to the outside, making the space feel less closed in. Darkness makes a room feel small and gloomy; a skylight flooding the room with natural light will make it seem much larger.

Get Bi Fold Doors

Just like a skylight, having bi fold doors at the end of your living room will flood the space with sunlight and make it seem much bigger, as well as making the living room seem much less enclosed. You can get bi fold doors for around £1500 from companies such as https://www.directbifolddoors.com/.

10 House Value-Raising Ideas To Create Space On A Budget

Choose Modular Cupboards

Modular cupboard systems can be put together in whatever shape you need to fit the space available. You can keep adding more modules when you need to store more stuff, and the system will always look very neat. You can find modular cupboards for as little as £40 a module. Ikea is a fab place to start, and they deliver, so you don’t need to have a huuuuge car or live near a store.

Use Your Wardrobe Effectively

You’d be surprised how much extra stuff you can fit in your built-in wardrobe if you make an effort to arrange the contents more carefully. Getting a floor to ceiling wardrobe will allow you to make the most of the vertical space. Make sure that there’s room to install racks for shoes and accessories underneath your clothes. Carrie Bradshaw eat your heart out.

Find Hybrid Furniture

Instead of having a coffee table and a set of shelves, find a coffee table with shelves in it. Find a bed with an accessible interior that serves as an extra storage space. There are many items of furniture available that serve more than one functional role. Check out this pinterest board for more home improvement inspo.

Knock Through an Interior Wall

Knocking through an interior (i.e not load-bearing) wall, and turning two rooms into one can be an excellent way to bring a feeling of more space. Open plan floors feel a lot less hemmed in. You can do this entirely by yourself in one weekend if you’re confident enough, but it’s probably best left to the professionals if you can afford it.

Repaint the Walls White

If your walls are a dark or unusual colour, repaint them in a light neutral colour such as white, cream or very light grey, or use modern wall tiles to create a bright space. Having walls painted in a light colour will not only make the house feel more spacious but can add several thousand pounds of value due to the clean look a light colour portrays.

Clean Up the Garden

Regardless of size, having neat garden can be very important to some buyers. Spending a single afternoon clearing away debris and unwanted plants, and generally making everything in the garden seem well ordered can make the house appear much more attractive to potential buyers.

Build a Conservatory

For those willing to spend a little more and to sacrifice a bit of garden space, a conservatory adds a whole new feature to the house and can seriously raise the value. From around £4000, a conservatory costs significantly less than an extension.

Build a Garden Room

Garden rooms have become increasingly popular over conservatories or extensions because they’re cheaper to build and generally don’t require Planning Permission. A well-built garden room can offer a space away from your main household at a fraction of the cost whilst still being usable all year round with electrics and an internet connection generally included in the build price.

After the outbreak of Covid-19 there was a sharp rise in the demand for garden rooms as they are multi-functional. Perfect for lounging, working, exercising and more!

Image use courtesy of GardenRooms.scot

Space: the Final Frontier

Your home can become a lot more spacious, and there’s no need to fork out a lot of cash to achieve that. Follow these tips and your most valuable asset will become both more valuable and more liveable. So liveable in fact that you might never want to move!

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