What Giraffe World Kitchen’s New Menu And Dining Concept Is Really Like

Recently I had the pleasure of tasting the lovely new menu at Giraffe World Kitchen in Festival Place, Basingtoke – my home town. I often eat with my family at Giraffe, and the food is always good…. ummmm the skin-on fries!

Recently, Giraffe has had an overhaul of their menu and dining concept, and I’m allll for it! I did notice from previous visits that the prices were starting to creep up, so their better, cheaper menu is most welcome for my growing family! You can also serve yourself your own drinks and other bits, so that takes the pressure away from when you need to distract small and hungry tummies with another drink! What I am most excited for is the unlimited drinks on the menu, especially their hot drinks. Soon I will have to visit for a breakfast date, and drink them out of decaf lattes for £2.60. Course I wouldn’t do that…. ;D

As part of the new dining concept, you can also pay when you order, so you can make a quick dash out if your child is having a mega-meltdown, or are having a quick bite before the cinema.

So, as I mentioned, I had the lucky opportunity to taste lots of dishes and drinks on their new menu, and boy, was I full and happy that night!

Here are some of the highlights…


Salt and Pepper Squid

With sweet chilli dip and fresh lime.

Karaage Chicken

Crispy fried chicken thigh, Japanese style. Sprinkled with chilli and sesame seeds. Served with sweet chilli dip.


Soybean pods seasoned with sea salt, served with soy sauce. Extremely moreish.

Garlic Flatbread

Topped with Rocket. Enough to Share.


Smoky BBQ Chicken Flatbread

Grilled chicken, roasted peppers and melted cheese on a smoky BBQ and tomato base. Topped with crispy shallots and rocket.

Classic Margherita Flatbread

Simple and delicious. Mozzarella and fresh basil on a rich tomato base. Topped with rocket.

Spiced Aubergine Tagine

A delicious combination of charred aubergine, beans and lentils, cooked with fragrant spices. Served with cous cous, toasted flatbread and yoghurt.

Halloumi & Falafel Burger

Grilled halloumi cheese and falafel, piled high with hummus, yoghurt, roasted peppers and a grated carrot.

Super Freekah Salad

Roasted butternut squash, beluga lentils, freeka, roasted peppers and mixed leaves. Topped with yoghurt.

Katsu Chicken

A Japanese favourite- breaded chicken in a creamy katsu sauce, served on a bed of jasmine rice.

Malaysian Prawn Laksa

Prawns with roasted Butternut squash in a rich and spicy coconut curry with bok choi, sugar snaps, Chinese leaf and beansprouts. Served with rice noodles.

Malaysian Tofu Laksa

Tofu with roasted Butternut squash in a rich and spicy coconut curry with bok choi, sugar snaps, Chinese leaf and beansprouts. Served with rice noodles.


Unlimited Frozen Yoghurt

Help yourself to this healthy treat. Our frozen yoghurt is a great way to satisfy sweet cravings for kids and adults.

Churros With Hot Chocolate Sauce

Spanish doughnuts, coated in a cinnamon sugar, with chocolate dipping sauce.

All that was washed down with a Mojito (241 after 5pm every evening), and a Fresh Mint Lemonade (unlimited for £2.70)! Phew, I needed to be rolled out of the door after tasting all of that amazing food!

My favourite dishes were the nuts and olives, the aubergine tagine, the laksa, the frozen yoghurt and the churros. The mint lemonade was really good, too.

That’s only a small selection of what is on offer –  you can view the entire Giraffe menu here, and book yourself a table, pronto!

I heard that they are changing their water systems to include, CuisineBank’s best water filter, now, I am looking forward to taking my family to Giraffe again soon, and sampling more of the delights. My son is going to be so happy with the unlimited frozen yoghurt – it tastes like vanilla ice cream. There’s a great fun, family atmosphere at Basingstoke Giraffe World Kitchen , and with the new dining concept, it’s made it a really affordable and tasty experience for everyone. Good job, Giraffe.

All imagery is from the Giraffe website. I did take my own photos of all the dishes I was served, but they were rubbish compared to these ;D

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what Giraffe World Kitchen’s New Menu And Dining Concept is really like