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10 Best Celeb Cribs of All Time

I love looking at photos of other people’s homes. I like to think it is because I appreciate the care and attention the owners have spent making it theirs. I suspect the real reason is I’m nosey. Having recently trawled the market for houses for sale in Basingstoke where I live, I bought a lovely 70s house in need of a sprucing up, so I’m all about home improvement and interior design at the moment. Here is my top ten list of the most amazing celebrity cribs – ever! They are truly something to behold.

10) Oprah

Now here is a lady with a lot of property. She owns homes in Maui and Hollywood, and almost everywhere else you can think of. Her newest purchase is a 23-acre horse farm in Montecito, although apparently the horses didn’t come as part of the package.

Oprah Crib

9) Rihanna

I don’t know what this says about her, but Rihanna’s $7 million house in West Hollywood has four more bathrooms than bedrooms. Still, it looks so luxurious, I’m sure it doesn’t bother her.

Rihanna Crib

8) Cate Blanchett

Her stately pile was a mere snip at £3 million, and it is a stunning Victorian house in East Sussex. There is plenty of room for her four children to run around both inside and out.

Cate Blanchett Crib

7) Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer’s amazing house in Beverly Hills was designed in the 1970’s by Harold W. Levitt. And you definitely can’t miss the front doors, they are a dramatic 14 foot tall. I don’t know if she is expecting any giants for dinner, but even if she is it should be fine as the dining-room is enormous as well, it can sit 24 people easily.

Jennifer Aniston Crib

6) Kim and Kanye

These two have finally moved in to the mansion they bought from Lisa Marie Presley. It took $10 million and two rounds of remodelling to make them happy though. I hope living in it isn’t too much of a disappointment!

Kim and Kanye Crib

5) Justin Bieber

Hopefully Justin has got over his egg-throwing habits, as he now lives in a lovely mansion in Barnet, North London. It has 15 en-suite bedrooms and plenty of room to entertain.

Justin Beiber Crib

4) Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

Who says there’s no space in New York? These two have bought an enormous pad in TriBeCa with an indoor swimming pool and 5,000 square foot rooftop. Not content with that, there is also a courtyard that is only marginally smaller for them to enjoy the outdoors.

Justin Timberlake Crib

3) George and Amal Clooney

Having bought a £7.5 million home in Berkshire just after they married, this generous couple gifted their village with £45,000 in compensation for the noise and disturbance that would be caused by their renoveations. Now that’s my idea of an ideal neighbour.

George Clooney Crib

2) Taylor Swift

Most famous for her singing career and girl squad, she also has an impressive array of houses all over the US, from New York to Beverly Hills and Nashville, Tennessee. She bought the Nashville property when she was just 20 for nearly $2 million, and her latest addition is a Californian mansion of over 10,000 square feet.

Taylor Swift Crib

1) Miley Cyrus

This lady has to be at the top spot. Her California properties are gorgeous, but the latest addition to her property portfolio is a massive 7,000 square foot mansion in Tennessee. With a pool, rooftop patio, putting green, and four and a half bathrooms, is it only me who is worrying about cleaning all those toilets?

Miley Cyrus Crib

Has that made you supremely jealous, or are you just dreaming of your own place with the Hollywood stars? Personally, I’m not sure I’ll be watching ‘Escape to the Country’ in the same way again.

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