Time Saving Kitchen Gadgets For Busy Mums

Time Saving Kitchen Gadgets For Busy Mums

Being a busy mum can mean that dinner times are somewhat of a crazy time of the day. Putting together meals which all the family will love, as well as trying to stick to a budget can be very difficult sometimes, and pretty darn stressful. Luckily for us, there are a lot of amazing gadgets out there for the kitchen to make our lives much easier and allow us to cook food much more quickly for the family.

Time Saving Kitchen Gadgets For Busy Mums

Food Processor

If you hate chopping up herbs, vegetables and fruits for your cooking, you are not alone. Luckily, food processors exist. At a touch of a button you can have perfectly diced and shredded food to add to your meals, you’ll never have to dice an onion again.

Box Grater

If your family enjoys cheese, then this is an essential item to have in the kitchen. A box grater can be used for more the cheese though. If you are planning on making a carrot cake for the family, grate your carrots in here. Want to add some zest to your apple pie? Zest away. You can even use the large holes to grate frozen butter for making sumptuous pastries.

Bench Scraper

If you like to take on the teachings of Paul Hollywood, then having a bench scraper is an essential item for your kitchen. When making bread, the stainless steel bread allows you to easily cut even portions of dough for rolls, and also provides help lifting the dough from the tabletop to a baking sheet. It is a useful tools and can even be used to help scrape away excess flour and residue left after you’ve kneaded your dough.

Time Saving Kitchen Gadgets For Busy Mums

Instant Hot Water Tap

If you love making big batches of pasta for your family (who doesn’t?) then investing in a tap which pours out boiling water can be a great gadget to save time in the kitchen. Rather than waiting for the kettle to boil or using the hob to heat up the water, you can pour already boiling water right over your pasta and cook it much quicker. You can look at instant hot water tap options online and find the best fit for you.

Time Saving Kitchen Gadgets For Busy Mums

Adjustable Rolling Pin

If you are a perfectionist, then this rolling pin is the perfect tool for you. You will be able to set the thickness of your dough so that when it bakes, it will be even all the way through. It also stops you having to guess when the dough is thin enough.

Time Saving Kitchen Gadgets For Busy Mums

Mason Jars

If you like making salads and creating your own dressings to top them off, a mason jar is a really useful way to quickly to emulsify a vinaigrette, all you need to do is pour the ingredients in and shake it up.

Time Saving Kitchen Gadgets For Busy Mums

Immersion Blender

Making soup is great until you have to transfer it all to a jug and blend it in batches. An immersion blender means you can leave everything in the pan and blend it all at once.


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