Growing Up As A Football Sister

Growing Up As A Football Sister

I dislike football. I don’t particularly know why, but I would say I dislike most sports. I actually love to play sports, I played in the rounders and hockey teams at school, and I am a quietly competitive player. But, I just hate to watch sports.

My dislike for watching sports might come from the fact that I was dragged, come rain or shine every weekend to my brother’s football matches. He was pretty good, I seem to remember, and my dad was a manager of his team.

No matter what I had on over a weekend, football came first.

I remember doing something very girly at a football tournament once, I sold friendship bracelets to make some cash! Maybe that’s when my entrepreneur ways started. My dad used to wheel and deal, so I think it probably comes from him.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to watch my son play football, because I can’t help by feel pride seeing him enjoy himself intensely, and the joy he gets from being active and playing a team sport makes me very happy. But I think I have been scarred by my childhood of having to be dragged to football matches every weekend, and I remember the boredom I used to experience whilst there.

I think the only times I enjoyed being at football was if I had a crush on one of my brother’s friends!

These early morning weekend sessions (even as a poor sibling) are all worth it if our kids or family are decent, as they can repay us in cold hard cash when they’re earning a million £ a minute! Taxi Centre have released a great infographic about football’s most controversial and expensive sackings. Eye-watering amounts of money change hands over football hirings and sackings, it almost incomprehensible!

Now, if my bro got to this level, maybe I’d be a bit less aggro, but like most people, he unfortunately didn’t…

Football's most expensive and controversial sackings by Taxi CentreFeatured imaged from here.

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