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I’m An Official Blogger For Female Entrepreneur Week

As a fully self-employed marketer, writer and blogger, I couldn’t not apply to be part of the blogging team for Female Entrepreneur Week, which runs during 21st to 28th June 2017. I am honoured to be part of this inspiring initiative, and am helping to spread the word.

Why I Wanted To Get Involved, And A Little Bit More About Me

I decided to become self-employed back in 2014 following being made redundant out of the blue. I had a family to support, a child in nursery full-time and bills to pay, so I took a marketing contract in a top 10 UK university. A couple of days in, and I was hooked on the feeling of not getting sucked into office politics, and loved the fact I was employed to do a job, do it well, get paid and go home. As unsociable as that sounds, I get such a buzz from working on projects, that I don’t always need the social element of a job to get a kick out of it.

Following that contract, I decided to set up my own marketing company, and I’ve been working solidly for clients for 2.5 years now, only taking a 2 month break to have my second child. I also have three blogs, this one, Real Parent, and Real Wedding. I work with many brands, and I also write for many publishers such as, Your Tango, Life Hack and Good Men Project.

Official Blogger For Female Entrepreneur Week
Want to be part of the FEW? Sign up for Female Entrepreneur Week.

What’s FEW All About, Then?

Female Entrepreneur Week is the brain-child of serial entrepreneur, author and podcast host Nadia Finer. She has brought together 6 shining stars in the entrepreneurial world to give you just the right amount of tools and training to skyrocket your business – without the overwhelm!
Over 10 days (they can’t cram this much awesomeness into a 7-day week) you’ll get the essential steps to start and grow your business.

Are You One Of The FEW?

Female Entrepreneur WeekAre you one of the FEW? Sign up for Female Entrepreneur Week.

You can have a stupendously successful business by focussing your energy on just the essentials. And they will show you how. Join in here, and I’ll see you soon!

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