Digital Oversharing

Digital Oversharing

Are you a culprit of digital oversharing? Can you spot yourself in this list? I think I can spot myself … Oops!

1. Openly talking about your misbehaving or overwhelming bodily functions

2. Updating everyone on the minute details of your day

3. Seeking sympathy. “Oh, why me…yet again. FML.”

4. Being desperately negative, day after day

5. Attention seeking

Attention seeking facebook post

6. Checking in when you’re at a random visit to the hospital

7. Posting selfie after selfie – pouts optional

8. Posting something dramatically cryptic. When asked what’s up, you reply “It’s private, I’ll message you babes”


9. Bragging about your fitness prowess. “50k. PB. Done.”

10. Sharing how sh’aaamazin your other half is, day after day

11. Pictures of your breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks

12. Being our own personal Michael Fish

13. Posting controversial opinions and getting offended when people beg to differ

14. Bragging about your new 60″ television, and then complaining how you’re skint and “can’t live like this” any more

15. Reciting your public eulogy for a deceased celeb

16. Naked selfies

17. Sharing your child’s each and every ‘very advanced for their age’ milestone

18. Click ‘like’ if you love God. Scroll down if you love Satan

19. Posting about how ‘terribly ill’ you feel

20. Wailing about your migraine, yet not being affected by a big glaring computer screen

21. Public transport rants

22. Inviting all your friends over and over again to play a certain game about crushing candy

23. #10x #single #word #hashtags

24. 246 sleeps til Christmas, everyone

25. “Going to town, be right back x x x”

26. Communicating with your husband/wife/daughter/bestie/mum/cousin/dog via facebook when we know you’re in the same room

27. Wishing your 10 years deceased Granny a happy birthday. She’ll definitely appreciate your facebook post

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