The 5 Things I Tried To Cope With A Snoring Bedfellow, And The Only One That Actually Worked

5 Things I Tried To Cure A Snoring Bedfellow, & The Only One That Worked

There’s no beating around the bush, here. My husband snores… A LOT!

His snoring was especially apparent whilst I was up multiple times a night breastfeeding my daughter in her early weeks of life. I could feel my blood boiling, getting angrier and angrier, listening to the loundening sounds with every breath he made. I used to throw cushions at him whilst pinned to the feeding chair in the corner of our bedroom, whilst shouting something aggressive. I used to get so annoyed with it, that I used to curse him under my breath, thinking he was SELFISH for enjoying a lovely deep sleep whilst I was up, AGAIN, and that he was secretly taunting me from behind his eyelids as he deafened me into a early-hours rage. Yes, you can call me crazy. But, I was tired, and I was longing desperately for sleep.

Thankfully, now I’m not up so much in the night, it’s less noticeable, as I too am enjoying a nice slumber. But, when I do wake, he’s still there, snoring away. And, more recently, he’s been falling asleep on the sofa whilst I watch Love Island, and I 100% do not want to be disturbed by the nose-trumpet-man!

I was so sleep-deprived, I had to look up ways to try to help my husband stop snoring, so these 5 ideas might work for you if you have anywhere near the  same level of snoring bedfellow as I:

1. Plug your ears up

Quite simply, you just put earplugs in, and let the snorer crack on. This method is slightly problematic if you need to listen out for babies and children in the night, so it’s probably just a solution for the childless.

5 Ways To Cope With A Snoring Bedfellow, And The Only One That Actually Worked

2. Try to block out the sound with the power of your mind

Hmm, this method is strictly for people who can successfully practise mind-over-matter, aka, not me. I tried this method and failed miserably. The theory is, when the snoring wakes you, try to keep calm, try to relax, and focus on your breathing to block out the sound. Whatever you do, try not to get frustrated by it, and you should drop off. That’s the theory, anyway. In practise it’s not so easy.

5 Ways To Cope With A Snoring Bedfellow, And The Only One That Actually Worked

3. Try different sleeping positions

If the snoring is worse when the culprit is flat on their back, try to encourage them to roll over onto their side or stomach, as apparently this helps to clear the airways. This didn’t work on my husband though. He snores regardless of his position.

5 Ways To Cope With A Snoring Bedfellow, And The Only One That Actually Worked

4. Raise the pillows

Raising the snoring one’s head by about 4 inches is supposed to really help. It takes the pressure off your airway. You can read more about that method, here. You guessed it, this didn’t work for us either.

5 Ways To Cope With A Snoring Bedfellow, And The Only One That Actually Worked

5. Try an over the counter remedy

Snoreeze Nasal SprayIf the snoring is getting particularly bad, and the natural remedies just are not cutting it, you could try a shop-bought medication. Recently I tried Snoreeze throat spray, and Snoreeze nasal spray on my husband. I was sceptical that it could help, considering the failed steps I took to banish the snoring. Suprisingly I could even hear the improvement before he fell asleep. As soon as my husband sprayed the Snoreeze into his throat, I could hear when he spoke that it had opened up his airways. His voice sounded really clear and louder, which was a bit odd, but promising!

He fell asleep in the usual split second, and I waited to see if he started snoring. He didn’t! He still wasn’t snoring about 4 hours later when our daughter woke up, and it was like someone had waved a magic wand and cast a quiet spell over our house. I’ve now tried the throat spray for 4 nights, and tried the nasal spray for 2 nights, and I can safely say that these products will now become part of our daily lives! I’m going to encourage my husband to visit the GP to check whether there is anything else going on, but for now, this was the remedy he and I were looking for.

If you’re interested in giving it a try for the snorer in your life, I recommend following Snoreeze on Facebook and Twitter to get more hints and tips, and read their FAQs to make sure you get the right product for you. .

5 Ways To Cope With A Snoring Bedfellow, And The Only One That Actually Worked

And, if all else fails, smother them with a pillow. I mean, sleep in the spare room.

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